Swagman Traveler XCS RV 2-Bike Bumper-Mount Rack

Swagman Traveler XCS RV 2-Bike Bumper-Mount Rack
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Swagman's Traveler XCS transports 2 bikes safely and securely by their wheels, meaning you never have to remove wheels so it's always quick and easy to take your bikes along! The wheels fit in the holders and there are 2 ratcheting hooks to hold the bikes in place. You simply press a button to extend the hooks and then push them down onto the bicycle frames to secure your bikes in the rack. The hooks ratchet so they stay closed and they are rubber covered to protect your bicycles. This fine rack is made of steel for excellent stability and durability, has adjustable wheel holders to fit different bike types, and it also folds when not in use.

Part Numbers

64663 85167